Cort & Seren

Book 1



Badass is back with a vengeance and it always shines through. Brotherhood above all is shown in this first installment of the Phoenix Series set in New Mexico. 

Being lied to had him losing faith in his Brothers but never his lessons. Cort shows them all what Brotherhood and Badass means. One of the first lessons he teaches is to Seren. Passion and intelligence come in many forms; beauty is only one of them.


New page added to Master's Rise:

Badass is a National MC. I started writing about the Badass Brotherhood in Massachusetts. That spawned a chapter in Rhode Island of the MC kid’s called Princes of Prophecy. They are an affiliate of the MC Badass of Mass Charter Club.

The Princes went on to spawn the Protectors and DC Security. The Protectors are native paranormal bikers that protect all the Clubs affiliated with the MC Badass of Mass. In DC Security we learn about how they do that over great distance, including the MC Badass of DC.

For The Phoenix Series, Cort was President of an MC Badass Chapter in New Mexico. He stepped up from VP when Crow, his President and mentor, died, but he had to abide by a Charter bible that was full of amendments that held no bearing on his life, or so he thought.

When his Brothers turned and decided on pimping women, Cort lost faith in his closest Brothers. He knew he couldn’t stay in a Club that threw Badass beliefs out or went against the Badass lessons they grew up learning. After beating his challenger for Presidency, he made sure the challenger couldn’t get up, then he yielded and walked away using an old bible rule that stated he had to stay a hundred miles from his former Club.

Being raised Badass, he followed the Bible rule and moved. Living in a new home and for the first time in his life, without his Brothers isn’t easy, but Cort never gives up his belief in Badass.

Master’s Rise shows just how Badass Cort is when he decides to start an affiliate of MC Badass under the name Phoenix Rising.

I hope you enjoy reading how Badass always shines through.



Book 2

 Book Two shows us Raid and a not so typical start to his all-in with Lorelei and her son. Gangs, dicks in dishes, casts, braces and Cort make this one of the funniest books yet. Jump into the Phoenix laughs and the tears for our alphabet kids. 


Ranger & Freedom

Book 3


Moving to Phoenix Rising is everything Mounty said it would be. Pres or Cort is just like his uncle with the Badass vision and weird insight. Ranger couldn’t be happier with his new home and job. With Pres ordering choppers, Ranger is in his element. The perfect job, Brothers that believe in Badass and beautiful weather. If he could find a way to get some time with Freedom, life would be perfect. 

Hade doesn’t seem to agree and tries to stop Freedom and Ranger from being together. Unfortunately, Cort got caught in the crossfire. 

This book starts from the last page of Benga’s Rise.