The Baxters

A bit of the erotic to go with that adventure


 The Baxters were the first books I wrote. You know when you think back and wonder what if? That’s what the Baxters is about “What if”.

I took the reality of my life and “what if’d” the hell out of it. Before you go jumping anywhere with this - I am not Mitch. Hell, I’m not even half of Mitch…lol. But What if I could have done the MIT courses? Yes, they are all online and yes, I tried two of them but no they didn’t ask me to campus and no I never paid to get the credit for them. Like I said, I am not Mitch.

I read everything so adding facts and tidbits (useless information) made them pretty easy to write. I really do spend tons of time at Dr. offices so finding interesting shit is easy. Then there’s always Snapple Facts…lol

I put Mitch in some pretty scary situations and I can honestly say I was never in them. The before she was a Baxter is a little different. I used real life to supplement her background. I’m not into telling you what parts, sorry. 

Two husbands, one wife



1. She Found Us      Always FREE

Hiding from her psychotic ex takes Mitch to the best thing that’s ever happened in her sorry life. The Greek God of a savior has got to be too good to be true. Jamie quickly decides that Mitch is the partner him and his cousin, Kevin, have been searching for. Mitch has never had a good relationship with a man, never mind two at once. Her over-achieving brain has the two ex SEALs heads spinning.
Security, one of their many businesses, was easy until now. While the men struggle to keep Mitch and her daughter Jess in their lives, her ex has other plans.
When hidden doubts threaten to tear them apart, our resident genius thinks she has a way to ease those doubts and become the family she's always longed for. There is very little Mitch can't do, but can she survive what her ex has planned for her? Can her men stop him in time?

A year later...


 2. Mitch is back in Our Wife 

Her ability to dabble in EVERYTHING and make money at it keeps life interesting. Her pure heart and unconditional love naturally draw people to her. Sometimes not the best people.Keeping Mitch safe is a challenge. Surely a team of SEALs can keep one little woman alive.  

Boxed set for 1-3

New troubles, new babies


 3. Our Angel is the third Baxters book.
Mitch returns in book three but this time life isn't so easy. While changing the way she's learned to live, Mitch is changing the world, again. Security turns out to be the enemy more than once. Losing trusted family members to greed baffles Mitch and causes those close to rally around her.
Jamie and Kevin pull out all stops to keep their Angel Baby safe allowing only the closest friends near her. Using Mitch's ideas and technology to help with security opens up a new world to her men, their bedroomand the Baxters Corp. But will it be enough?
 He's the watcher. He's been there for all her milestones. Sometimes he's too close, wishing he could hold her, hug her when she cries. Can the sexy golden eyed Ben help? Will he finally admit how he feels to Kevin and Jamie? 

Jake likes to explore


 The fourth book was Jake. He was the first Baxter book that wasn’t about Mitch. I was scared to death wondering how people would take it. I really didn’t have a whole book for wonder girl Mitch, but I wanted to tell so much more about her. I used Jake to start that off.

A woman wrote to me thanking me for writing the book. She is deaf. She connected with Sam so much so that she wrote to me. Even now it causes me to blink back the tears. I have no idea how to write what that feels like. It meant something to her and I felt it through her words. Amazing.  

Got Rope? Rayne does...



I ended the Baxter Series with Rayne. He was the hero that saved Samantha and Luke when crazy Dr. Steve drove through the clinic. His vertebrae were crushed but the spinal cord was not severed. Mitch came up with metal vertebrae and robotics that helped him walk until his back could heal and hold him up. She is friggin awesome. She gets our hero walking just in time to save Carolina from drowning. Luckily he’s not the kind of guy to give up. Patience and control define Rayne. A SEAL Team Satellite, recruited by the Baxters, he doesn’t disappoint.

Shibari plays a starring role in this book. I came across a picture and thought it was beautiful how the rope was weaved around a woman. A true work of art. I went on from there to read about rope play as an art form. Everyone has experimented with all kinds of materials but Shibari is different. It is a true art.
Rayne seemed like the perfect character, with his control and quiet dedication so obvious, I needed to use it in a way that would enhance not only Rayne but reflect on the Baxters and the MC. His gift with the rope had women sending me pictures for a full month. I loved it.
This book also ended the Baxter Series. They are not finished as characters but the series ended life on the compound as Baxter Security merged with the MC.
The ending of this series opened the gates, so to speak, for the women to move around and be more active in their bigger community.