The Other World Order


Prince's Reward


Join the OWO team in the desert for this otherworldly ride!

Prince Valdus Drujec

Moody Vampire-Wizard Valdus Drujec has met his match. Quinn is the sweet bubbly human that turns his head and captures the 900yr old’s heart. With the City overrun by shifters, unethical witches, ferals and a biker gang that traffics women and kids. The OWO sends in a reluctant cavalry. 




Fated Mates

Book Two Is all about getting the girl. 

Coming Soon!

Book 2 ~ Fated Mates!




This installment has our Enforcers mating up. Our Alpha others show their softer side, their funny side and their sexy in this continuation of our Otherworldly journey. Grab a drink and jump in!

Advance Reviews

 Review 1 

Where to start, having just finished this book for the second time I enjoyed it just as much as after the first! Once I read book one in this series, I knew L Ann Marie had once again changed forever the way I see PNR. Her innovative imagination still surprises me every time. Her very original Mc and FBI series were a shining example. 

This book’s format is definitely different from her norm but it does make perfect sense. Most often we get books with one couple throughout a series with an individual story arc but the next book picks up with another couple and still the overall story continues.

This time we get all the rest of the couples’ stories in a shortened version but still with an eye to the overall storyline. This book is by no means short tho. Each character’s story is unique but you can see how they all fit, like the pieces of a puzzle. 

We get glimpses of what’s still to come but with an understanding of how the current characters are important and relevant to future events. 

I’m so intrigued with how this is playing out now I can’t wait to see how L Ann continues with her next book.

Review 2

This book is another example of how L. Ann Marie thinks outside the box. In this day of so many formulaic books, it is a welcome change to read a book that is so intriguing and doesn't follow the rules of convention. Instead of one couple per book, here we have a series of couples (and even a few couples in the background) who come together in this one book.

Jedrek is a short novel. The story was well developed, but the story arc continues into the next story, so rather than leaving her reader hanging while waiting for the next installment we have it right away. Jedediah is not as developed, but the romance of it moves fast so it feels natural. Rather than drag out the story L Ann Marie moved it into the next couple, which is Invidar’s story. This one is more developed and the most emotional of the group. For being a story shorter than what L Ann normally writes, it still evoked the depth of emotion that some of her longer, more heart-wrenching books have. Jovan was a fun-filled, more light-hearted story. It reminds the reader of how this author can be both serious and humorous at once. Karamat’s story is a fantastic conclusion to this series of stories. It wraps up most loose ends in preparation for the final book nicely and gives more of the action that long-term readers of L Ann have grown fond of.

I think what I like most about this book is the economy of it. It is not a quick read at nearing 400 pages. But we get 5 stories in this series that are all very closely linked and flow from one logically and seamlessly into the next. Many authors would have broken this into pieces so the reader then had to pay for each story individually, and don’t get me started on the horrid wait for the next one to be released. While this is not the end of the series, it leaves you in a place where you are content to wait and see what L Ann will come up with next